• The races are part of every two-day event and always take place on the next afternoon.
• Participation in the races is voluntary.
• The rider will ensure his participation in the races with qualifying time.
• Each group – A, B, C, D has its own race.
• Each race contains 7 laps.
• The race starts with a lead-in lap, after which the riders line up on the starting grid according to the qualifying results. This is followed by a warm-up round and the start of the race. After the end of the 7th lap and waving, the rider completes the circuit and leaves the track.

• Within each group, the order is determined separately for each motorcycle cubic capacity. This means that the category 1,000 cm3 has its order and the category 600 cm3 has its order.
• Both categories have their own results list and are evaluated separately.
• The 600 cm3 cubic capacity is evaluated separately only if 5 or more riders advance from the qualification to the race. When 4 riders or less advance, the 600 cm3 cubic capacity will be evaluated together with the 1000 cm3 cubic capacity.
• The first ten riders score points (see scoring).
• Race series – Piston cup = a series of 5 individual races.

• The result lists will be maintained separately for each cubic capacity. This means that 1,000 cm3 will have its table and 600 cm3 will also have its table.
• Each race A, B, C, D has separate scoring.
• Each cubic capacity has separate scoring.
• The result list shows the sum of all points that a rider has scored in each race.
• The winner of the series of races is the one who gets the most points. And it doesn’t matter if he got them in category A, B, C or D.
• In case of a tie, the number of better places is the decisive criterion.
• Part of the results or evaluation will also be the category “JUMPER OF THE DAY”. This award will be given to the person whose time difference – the fastest qualifying time per lap in the qualification and the fastest time per lap in a race – will be the biggest.

• The first ten riders of each race in each cubic capacity will score points.

1st place10
2nd place9
3rd place8
4th place7
5th place6
6th place5
7th place4
8th place3


• Within the two-day event, 4 separate races will be organized, for each speed category A, B, C, D separately.
• In each race, the first three riders in each cubic capacity will get an award.

1000 cm3600 cm3
1st place – set of tires (F+R)1st place – set of tires (F+R)
2nd place – rear tire2nd place – rear tire
3rd place – front tire3rd place – front tire

• In the series of races, the riders in the first three places in each cubic capacity will get an award.

1000 cm3600 cm3
1st place – 3 sets of tires (F+R)1st place – 3 sets of tires (F+R)
2nd place – 2 sets of tires2nd place – 2 sets of tires
3rd place – 1 set of tires3rd place – 1 set of tires