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(Valid for paid registration until April 15, 2022 – more info in section DRAWING)


Slovakia Ring - 19. - 20.09.2022
Price: 270€

Price overall


• Each participant will state their best time on the Slovakia ring in the registration form. Based on these times, the order of the riders will be created from the fastest to the slowest time.

• Those participants who do not specify the time will be placed in alphabetical order under the slowest time. The order of riders created in this way will be divided into quarters and marked – A, B, C, D, group A being the fastest riders and group D the slowest riders. The aim of this division is to have the same number of riders in each group.

• The day on the circuit is divided so that each group has three 20-minute rides in the morning and three 20-minute rides in the afternoon.

• During the lunch break, the times of all riders will be sorted from the fastest to the slowest, and this ranking will be divided again into quarters. Again, four groups A, B, C, D will be created, but with a new composition.

• This redistribution will ensure that riders of the same performance level will ride in the same performance group. The same redistribution will be made in the evening when all rides have been completed, and the next day the riders will ride in the newly formed groups again.

• It is the responsibility of each participant to monitor these redistributions and to start in the group to which he has been assigned. A participant who does not respect this redistribution will not be allowed to go to the track.

•  The first day of the event, i.e. the first six 20-minute rides, qualifies as qualifying races. At the end of the qualifying day, the riders will be ranked based on the fastest time per lap. The ranking created in this way will be divided into quarters, groups A, B, C, D will be created.

• These groups and the order in them determine who has qualified for the race and who did not.

•  The 24 fastest riders in the group will qualify for the race.