Who are we? 

We are a new Slovak motorcycle agency, whose activities will be started in 2022 by circuit rides on the domestic circuit Slovakia ring. We have prepared five two-day events for all motorcyclists, enthusiasts and fans of two-wheelers in the 2022 season. They will include free rides, but also a series of races.


Who are we here for?

Circuit riding offers what is missing on a normal road and in heavy traffic – a combination of speed and safety. Our goal is to offer the opportunity to try circuit riding for really everyone. Whether he is a complete beginner or an experienced rider. The participants of the event will therefore be divided into categories according to performance. Motorcyclists who are beginners can thus fully enjoy the circuit rides.

Any holder of a driving license for the moto category can take part in them. It doesn’t matter if he has a circuit special or a sports motorcycle with plates. Participation is subject to registration and payment of the participation fee (see registration).

What we do?

The main item of the program will be free rides for the general public. The two-day event will end with races (see race). In them, too, the riders will again be divided according to performance – the time achieved – into groups. Each group will have its own race and will be evaluated according to the cubic capacity – engine volume. Participation in the race is voluntary.

After each race, the top three in each category will receive practical prizes – tires. The same will apply to the top three in the whole series of races.

The end of the season will be about the main prices, which are the YAMAHA R1 and YAMAHA R6 motorcycles. Literally everyone will have a chance to win them.

Each participant in at least one two-day event will also become participant in a draw for extremely attractive prizes. These are the new Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6 motorcycles. Every registered participant has a chance to win(see prize draw).